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Our sole founder, Dr. Ankit Shahi, is a licensed physical therapist in the US. He has a doctorate in Physical Therapy (USA) and MS in Exercise Science (USA) with 7 years of teaching, research and clinical experience. During his 8 years of career he was nurtured by experienced and renowned professors and sports scientists. He started his teaching career at the Mississippi State University. His zeal for teaching encouraged the teacher in him to expand his knowledge to his students. His unwavering vision to help the physical therapy students to pass the license exam in USA and Canada which lead to the foundation of NPTE Study Buddy. He started the course preparation class with a handful of students in the initial days, which ended up becoming 40 by the end of the first batch. Being a practicing therapist, time was of great essence so he could only teach musculoskeletal initially, but thrilled with his simplified and practically applied knowledge, students insisted him to teach Cardio-pulmonary as well.

Later, in his journey he reunited with his old pal and senior, Dr. Mayank Jain who started his career in the United States back in 2010 and worked as a licensed physical therapist in New York. He excelled in the field of Neurology and pediatrics which coaxed him to be a part of our magnificent yet budding team. Later in his career he sought better opportunities in India, so he relocated back to his hometown and has been teaching our aspiring students from India till date.

Dr. Ankit molded some excellent students under him, of them were Pooja Batni and Mansi Khambhati. They are licensed therapists in the State North Carolina and Virginia, respectively. Later in the journey, we had Purvi Shahi, who is a dPT with 4 years of clinical experience and 2 years of research in sports pedagogy. She is one of our ex-student and a licensed PT in the state of Delaware, NY and Pennsylvania. They teach subjects like Other- systems and Non-systems with the same energy that meets Ankit’s vision.

With the increasing number of students, we realized that we needed someone to bridge the gap between the tutors and the students. And this is how Ms. Ashlesha Mahajan came into picture. She is a physical therapist (MS in neuro and peads, USA) currently practicing in India, who manages the back office and bridges the gap between the tutors and the students.

Similarly, our other team members are Kiran Naz, Mehul, and Radhika who routinely help the students with their doubts and queries. Clinical component of the test is also handled by this efficient staff very smoothly.

We are a team formed by unwavering passion, relentless determination, tireless commitment, and non-diminishing energy directed towards the goal of helping our aspiring students pass their NPTE/PCE

How We Started

Our founder, Mr. Ankit Shahi, used to teach at the Mississippi State University. As per the request of his students, he started the Study Buddy preparation class, which initially had 4 members on the first day but ended up becoming 40 by the end of the first batch.

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