How can I become eligible for the exams?

To become eligible please click onto the links provided below for getting started with the credential evaluation of respective exams:

  • For Study Buddy visit the website http://www.fccpt.org/
  • For PCE visit the website
  • You can reach out to us anytime you need help with the evaluation or exam registration process

How to register for the exams?

To register follow the below mentioned links:

  • For Study Buddy visit the website https://www.fsbpt.org//
  • For PCE visit the website http://www.alliancept.org/

Is my time worth enrolling at Study Buddy?

Absolutely. We conduct online webinars through an online platform Click meeting. You will also have access to our recorded classes which will be posted daily on our private facebook groups.

How are the classes conducted?

We follow a rotational manner of conducting classes, four (4) times in a year, which would be the first week of February, May, August and November. There are approximately 70 webinars per batch which would cover the syllabus plus all the additional advantages mentioned on our website.

When and how can I enroll for the class?

  • You can go to the enrollments tab under each exams section or you can click here to enroll.
  • You are welcome to join classes anytime you wish but we highly recommend you to join before a new batch starts so that you remain on the same page with us.

Is there a time limit?

No. There is no limit of our classes, you can attend them until you succeed and also you will get the same advantage until you succeed.

How can Study Buddy help me in solving my doubts related to studies?

Apart from everyday online classes, we also help our students to interact with the tutors and other batch mates through WhatsApp groups, where they can discuss and solve each other’s doubts that helps them to grow. Also, we have facebook groups Study Buddy and PCE study buddy – the biggest platform where each day different questions, case studies for PCE and different topics which cannot be missed for exam are posted. Students are welcomed to take part in the discussion or ask doubts and we would be happy to guide you.

Will I improve in taking tests with Study Buddy’s help?

We give schedule for taking practice tests, review their results, and help them to improve results in every succeeding exam through an expert implementation of an individualized strategy that allows one to overcome his weak areas.

What is the passing rate of Study Buddy class?

Our April 2017 batch had a passing score of 96% . We continuously strive hard to bring the best out of our students, and help them to succeed with great scores.