What We Do

“We Bring Earth Closer to Space©”
“0-G Launch is introducing a global network of next-generation, specially-modified Boeing Space Jets™ to offer economical testing & accelerated development of technologies before they are sent to Space.

We aim to be the first operator to provide both high-precision microgravity and cost-effective air-launch services with the same vehicles -around the globe.”

Our Services

“Microgravity Flights”

Astronaut Training Flights

With many more people slated to become astronauts in the next decade, we provide microgravity training flights of up to 60 high-quality parabolas

Equipment Testing

Testing and validation of equipment and technologies through high-precision microgravity flights, before sending them to Space

Consumer Zero-Gravity Flight Experiences

Parabolic flights offered in major cities globally to provide the amazing sensation of weightlessness, just like an astronaut does


Hypersonic vehicle developers

Allow under-belly aircraft carriage and air-launch of one or multiple hypersonic vehicles for developing and validating these crucial technologies

Small orbital rocket developers

Enable multiple small rocket system developers to test, develop and air-launch their own orbital rocket systems from up to 40,000 feet altitude -avoiding bad weather issues and launching from over the ocean for maximum tempo and flexibility


Space technology needs to be developed to handle the harsh environment in orbit. A key component of Space technology is the ability to operate in zero gravity.

Unfortunately, on Earth, testing technology in zero gravity is extremely expensive and time consuming…


Microgravity Services

Consumer Zero Gravity Flights

Air-Launch Services

Availability & Cost

Limited availability of world-wide microgravity testing platforms

High cost of testing campaigns on rockets, balloons, Space Station, etc.

Local testing facilities are backlogged

Limited microgravity session durations, with low-precision results

Low tempo and high-cost of launch systems for large volume of satellites to be launched during next 10 years

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