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By simply telling your story using the simple and fun ProConCloud method, you can discover the limiting beliefs behind your past unresolved conflicts or decision mistakes - your dark clouds. Now Tell Us Your Story Every dark cloud really has a silver lining

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By sharing your story in a structured way, you might be able to discover and identify your limiting beliefs that is holding you back. You might gain insights that would help you and others who have similar stories.

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Proconcloud Method

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What is the ProConCloud Method?

There is significant inconsistency within decision-making.

We all want to make better, faster decisions, especially when the outcome of that decision could impact our life or organization in a significant way.

Yet, few of us are willing to invest the time to apply critical thinking to analyze critical decisions. In fact, the two most common methods used for deliberative decision-making are still to simply ask an expert or to use a form of Benjamin Franklin’s simple pros/cons list that dates from 1772.

Unfortunately, while both methods do have benefits, they are also both particularly prone to error.

An expert can offer a more objective view, but unfortunately, we usually seek out advisors who will simply confirm our biases. And although pros/cons lists can help us slow down our thinking and/or expose our biases, we often fool ourselves into thinking we can do these in our head, or we end up getting stuck when we cannot find a common utility (such as time or money) to compare pros with cons.

Surely, with all the advances in decision science over the past 250 years, there must be a better way?

In 2009 Dr. Alan Barnard was awarded a Ph.D. for creating the award-winning ProConCloud Method.
This method maintenance all the benefits of other decision-making methods like Franklins Pro/ Con list and Goldratt’s Evaporating Cloud Method while overcoming their limitations.

How does it work?

Short diagram of how the method works. Maybe a flow diagram as with the onboarding screens from the harmony app.

Step 1 will help you prevent 2 common mistakes

Wasting our limited attention (our scarcest resource) by Dealing with Unimportant Problems OR Procrastinating on Important Problems

Step 2 will help you prevent 2 common mistakes

Jumping from the “Problem” to a Solution… not realizing the Solution is just one side of a conflict OR Finding Someone (yourself or someone else) to Blame. Neither is productive

Step 3 will help you prevent 2 common mistakes

FOCUSING on only ONE resolution OR compromising not realizing there are always 4 viable options to resolve any decision conflict

Step 4 will help you prevent 2 common mistakes

Ignoring valid reservations from yourself or others (Yes-buts) OR Using their Yes-buts as excuses not to act rather than using them to create a more robust “Yes-And” plan

Step 5 will help you prevent 2 common mistakes

Failing to learn from experience by doing a BAD Experiment when either communicating OR when implementing changes… … not realizing we only learn from experiments…so our changes should be designed as an experiment

And finally… The “Just do it” Step will help you prevent 2 common mistakes:

Either Procrastinating by not implementing the Changers or getting distracted by multitasking… that often results in avoidable FAILED Experiments and no or partial results.

Learn more about the ProConCloud Method

TheProConCloud can provide a simple and practical solution to help us identify and challenge LIMITING / HARMFUL assumptions

When you complete theProConCloud it provides you with insight into why GOOD People make and often repeat BAD decisions …
…and finding ways to avoid such decision mistakes
…or at least learn from the experience


In this video we witness the Professor sharing the history, development and first two steps of the ProConCloud process..


When Jason returns to the Professor after completing Step 1 and 2 of the ProConCloud process, he still has unresolved conflicts..


This video provides an overview of the Harmony Decision Maker and how it can help individuals and organizations 

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The Harmony Decision Making will help you Evaporate those dark clouds

By guiding you through the 5 step Proconcloud Method

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